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Golden Raisin

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After collecting the grapes from vineyards, grape clus- ters are conveniently threaded together in 2-3 meter lengths and in order to reduce drying time, they are immersed in a solution of potassium carbonate, Aus- tralian oil and water. The threaded bunches of grapes are then hung from the ceiling of shaded cellars away from the sunlight. They are then fully covered and passively smoked with SO2 for about 7-8 hours. The covers are then removed and the grapes are left to gradually dry for about 2-3 weeks. Golden raisin is very popular among the Arab countries.

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engage audiences with increased Online Presence

engage audiences with increased Online Presence

Quality is the secret of our longevity

In addition, to preserve the natural quality and nutrients of food products, the company has built 4000-ton cold storage in Bam and Tabriz

By using appropriate and hygiene meth- ods, and competing for similar products, the company supplies dates from the best date palm gardens of Iran and packs the products in different weights and brands considering customers’ demands

Nakhl sabz sobhi

This com- pany achieved exporting to over 25 European, Asian and African countries. Nakhl Sabz Sobhi Co. awarded the title of Top Industrial Unit in Iran following 17 phases during 2002-2023.

This company has been able to reach the glob- al export market and play an effective role in creating employment in the region

A Gift from the Paradise

We know that date palm was first domesticated in the Persian Gulf over 6,000 years ago and later introduced into North Africa. Date palms are well known as the heavenly gift that gods tribute to earth people in international culture

Now, it’s not only about the holiness of dates, but it is about their nourishing, Delicious and, applications in the health, food and cosmetics industries